Bos Innovations Inc. is a young aggressive Company started by an individual with 25 years experience in the modern industrial work place. This experience involves years of working for corporations within the production environment, hands on. This experience involved being promoted frequently to positions within maintenance departments, equipment building, process improvements and health and safety/ergonomic improvements. Several years of experience within engineering departments involved designing, project management, engineering department management. This individual is the owner president of Bos Innovations.

  • Occupies a 10,000sq.ft. facility owned by the president.
  • A 5,000sq.ft open span area set aside for machine building.
  • A fully equipped tool room/machine shop.
  • A welding fabricating and millwright area.
  • A controls and electrical department equipped for A-B, Siemens PLC programming and panel building.
  • An engineering department.