• Any equipment involving the manufacturing of DC
    motors for automotive use.
  • Automotive related assembly  lines, fully automatic or manual
    load and unload.
  •  Robotic weld cells complete with weld fixtures and related   equipment and safety.
  • Stand alone operator dependent machines with health and safety and ergonomics in mind.
  •  Packaging industry related equipment.
  • Weld fixtures for manual or robotic weld production.
  • Machines have been built with rigid structural steel frames or with extruded aluminum.
  • Guarding is dependent on customer and environment: we have used mesh welded to steel and/or extruded aluminum and lexan.
  • Regardless of equipment destination, all electrical is inspected and approved by the appropriate authorities.
  • We insist that the customer do a health and safety sign off within our facility prior to shipment. We comply with OSHA and Canadian Safety Standards.
  •  We will deliver a machine or assembly line and install it if customer wishes.
  • We insist that the customer do a capability study within our facility and a pre determined  number of parts to be run off at our facility to prove equipment.
  • We will do customer employee training upon arrival of new equipment.
  • We will provide detailed drawings of the equipment using Solid Works and  machine operating manuals.
  • We will build equipment using customers’ specifications, control components, PLC, pneumatics/hydraulics etc.
  • We will guarantee the equipment will meet expectations by getting customer design sign off prior to build and beating necessary cycle rate.
  • We will guarantee all purchased components for one year under normal operating conditions and as long as cycles do not exceed suppliers cycle warrantee.
  • We will guarantee our workmanship and design.
  • Every job within our facility is considered a project. Every project is given a project number and the project is tracked through to completion. This aggressive tracking ensures we remain competitive.